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At CodeAllied we’ve combined our best designers with the finest developers to meet the need for premium customized websites. Our experienced designers can instantly understand your project’s demands and adapt to any changes creatively and efficiently. They are capable of creating responsive websites with a layout that’s been tuned to run on any device with maximum usability. Our development team is able to convert any Photoshop or Adobe XD file into HTML5 and CSS, all while maintaining the look and feel of the design. Taking control of your website’s design or development is easy, and we provide seamless communication between you and our designers or developers.

This doesn’t mean you need to know how to code a website from top to bottom (although it would be great!), this just means you need to understand the essentials. In this post, we’re going to start with a very basic introduction to HTML. You’ll learn how to slice a web design in Photoshop and format HTML with CSS.

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CodeAllied understands the need for responsive, multi-device support for your website or application. We’ve analysed strategies and techniques to extractly replicate the designs provided by our designers in HTML5 to run on any device. Our extensive experience with PSD/XD to HTML5 conversion has allowed us to reduce implementation time that’s usually required for mobile platforms, allows us to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

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